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At Animated Hut Studio, we create dynamic visuals to help brands and businesses get their message across the board in a unique and creative way. Explore Our Services below to get started...

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Our 7-Step Process Saves You The Hassle

If you’ve never done animation before, it can seem like a mysterious process. Here’s our basic overview of the animation process to give you a better understanding of how everything works. For each of the stages we’ve added some basic information and how long it takes, so you’ll feel confident at each and every step.

You Are

The Centre Of Our Universe


Perks Of Working With US


We do not work on guesstimates. Whatever we do is backed by in-depth research. With our winning strategies, you will have animated videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Highly Responsive

We treat your project as our own and keep you updated so that you are not left guessing things. Mind you, we sometimes over communicate so be ready for some email spam from us.


Let your imagination run wild with the ideas because whatever you can think of, our team can ensure the perfect execution of it. We have your back for custom requests and any service you need.

Meet Your Support Gang

We love storytelling and that’s what makes us here. We have a team of creative directors with marketing knowledge, copywriters, and animators who work together to draft a unique but strategic story that will draw your target audience and turn them into your prospect.