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Need a ready-made quality animation but no idea how to start? Let us guide you along and tailor a video sure to impress new audiences.

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Looking for a partner to outsource your animation work or want to work on a collaboration project together? With our expertise and let's achieve a win-win solution!

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Have a bigger budget and need larger hands-on production? Suitable for corporate client, let's win bigger market share, increase sales and amp up conversion rates for your products/services.

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We help brands tell stories through:

Whiteboard style animation videos simply put are a form of animated video in which the artist physically draws out an illustration using a whiteboard or any similar surface; these kinds of videos are usually accompanied by some form of narration. Images are drawn on the surface, recorded and then played back to provide the illusion of animations.

It is also the least expensive form of animation. Other than white and black format, nowadays, people tends to prefer colour type of whiteboard style video.

2D animation is versatile and can help you communicate almost any type of information, and it can be a great resource for your company. No matter whether you are using B2C or C2B marketing, video can help you connect with your target audience. 2D animation in now increasingly popular in online marketing plan because it is always cost-effective and engaging. They deliver the impactful message and help convert your website’s visitors into customers.

Another benefit is that 2D animated videos can be easily edited and updated over time. It allows you to increase their shelf life and keep them updated. And you can adapt their visual content and transform it into static graphic design elements.

An infographic animation is a visual portrayal of information and learning as an online video.

They are made by joining difference animation to make an instructive video that clarifies information in a connecting way and goes for enhancing their point of view on the topic. 90 percent of the data that we recollect depends on visual effect.

Infographics are more attractive than printed words, since they join pictures, hues, development and substance that normally draw the eye.

Stop motion is the process of making inanimate objects come to life by moving a static model or item in small increments, one frame, or still photograph, at a time.

This was the only way to bring objects that cannot move by themselves to life on screen.

The advent of computer generated imagery has removed stop motion animation from the mainstream but its unique effect and the realistic textures it brings (since actual materials are used in filming) means it will not die out anytime soon. The speed and fluidity of a stop motion animation depends on how many frames you take, and how small of movements you track in each frame.

It is still widely used in artistic films, shorts, and commercials.

Our Process:

1. Brief
1-2 days

To help you get the best out of your animation, we need to understand you better. We send you a short briefing document for you to fill.

This is basically a quick questionnaire that lets us understand your company and your project.

2. Script
2-3 days

The foundation of any great video is a creative and engaging story. Now that we have a good understanding of what you do, let’s turn it into a script that communicates your message and hits your target audience where it counts.

3. Storyboard
4-6 days

After the script is signed off we’ll start to develop initial concept frames for your animation. Once you’re happy with the animation style we then create a full storyboard that details the visuals for the video scene-by-scene.

4. Voiceover
1-2 days

Your video needs to speak to people. And to do that, it needs the perfect voiceover. We have curated list of talent for your to choose from based on gender, age and regional accent.

5. Animation
10-14 days

Here’s where everything takes shape. Once the script, storyboard and voiceover are signed off we get cracking with putting your animation together and adding music/SFX. Just sit back and relax!

6. Preview/Feedback
2-3 days

We provide a link to the first edit where you will have the option to review it and provide any feedback. We allow for 2 rounds of amendments so don’t worry!

7. Delivery
1-2 days

After we’ve made the final tweaks to your animation we’ll deliver it to you as an HD 1080p MP4 file, ready for download. If you need help figuring out where and how to host it then we’re happy to point you in the right direction!

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